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“In the past few weeks the lives and businesses of many have changed drastically in the Fort McMurray, Wood Buffalo Region.

Many of our co-workers, friends, neighbours, and family have lost a great deal in the past two weeks. Some have lost more than others, including loss of homes, business and way of life.

It is very humbling to see the outcry of support for the community, regionally, Provincially, Nationally and Internationally.

People have left there home and places of employment to support our community help and make a difference to the people of Fort McMurray, Wood Buffalo to help and support others they have never met.

We have always been pioneers and adapted to hardship in the past and with overcome in the days to come.

We do know our community has made and impact on lives across this great country even internationally to make their families and lives better. Now it is reversed People from across our great country are making impacts on our lives during these difficult times. For the I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To the many unsung heroes’ who have unselfishly stepped up to do something to help in their own way, this goes from emergency services, all levels of government, businesses, to private citizens all working together to help anyway they can.

Our local leaders putting the community over their own needs and stepping up to reassure our community this will be better and overcome.

To this I say thank you for your part of making life better for the members of our community.

During this time of unknowing, displacement, and uncertainty it is our mission to our membership and community, to rebuild our community together, locally.

This does not mean only structures and building, but homes, businesses, lives, and a healthy community as a whole.

We have a long road ahead of us in the next while to organize and rebuild our lives, community and businesses.

To our members, we have sent and email out to check capabilities and resources to start the long road ahead of rebuilding our community. If you did not receive an email, please contact us though our website to ensure we did not miss you.

We are in the process of putting together a meeting by in person and/ or call-in depending where you have relocated temporally.

We will rebuild our community together, Locally

With great sincerity and appreciation,

Charles Iggulden, BA, B.Comm., MBA, President, Fort McMurray Construction Association”

The Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring money collection stations for #yymfire at several Chamber businesses. Please stop by at the following businesses or town office to donate: Spirits of Bruderheim, Bruderheim Foods, Lamont Grocery, Price Automotive, Lamont Liquor Store, Home Hardware and Town of Lamont.